Procrastination: it's about avoiding negative emotions

Procrastination happens when we 'feel something'. The minute before you started procratinating you were probably doing something 'more fun' like watching Netflix or eating a hotdog. Then suddenly you know you 'need' to do something like paying bills, go to work, or build your business and suddenly you start delayting things. And that is because you feel something that you do not like. You could be confused about the next steps in your project, you could feel a bit scared, anxiety might creep in, or you just feel plainly bored.

Nobody likes to feel that way, so what do we do. We move the task till 'later in the day' or 'tomorrow', and instantly we feel better. So what do we need to fix this? The magic word is Emotion Management, because the moment we feel what we do not want to feel we are likely to give up in the moment. The pitfall is that we then assume we have a time management issue, but that's not the case. You or me have 24 hours in a day, and we both know that your project can be done in a certain number of hours.

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