Leadership coaching

What is Leadership Coaching?

Personal effectiveness and personal leadership is about making the most of all the personal resources you have at your disposal. You have talents, skills, energy and time to achieve what you want to do in life.
Many people have plenty of ideas but struggle to realize their potential. Too many choices, too little time, too many distractions. We need to constantly adapt. That means we need to nurture our strengths while learning new skills and techniques and develop behavioral flexibility to adapt to constant change.

How do I know if Personal Development Coaching is for me?

First ask yourself if there are things in your life that could be more effective. If the answer is yes and If you want to change certain areas of your life, improve on how to make the most of your talents and skills, improve your focus on what really matters to you then Leadership Coaching is for you.

How can I help you with personal leadership?

Improving yourself is a process, it depends on age, experience, levels of introspection. If you manage yourself well you see a direct result in your personal performance and success. In my own journey in Brussels as a business consultant, having worked in the EU, the corporate world and as an independent I noticed how you can greatly improve the flow of your life and career if you ask the right questions and have an experienced conversation partner to map your development. This is where I work together with my clients. We talk, we introspect, we set measurable goals, we reflect on the future and where needed we introduce new skills, retrain behaviors and have fun while doing it.

Coaching is a journey between the client and the coach. I combine my life experience, business experience and my coaching skills to work with you on achieving the goals that we are going to set. This includes reflection and assignments during and after our sessions.

Some of the things you will learn