Career Coaching

Maybe you are looking for a new direction, have arrived at a turning point. Maybe you simply want to have a better view of career or get career advice. Gaining insights into what makes you tick in a job, or even in life as a whole can make a huge difference in your quality of life.

Career coaching

Whatever stage of your career you are at, If you want to be a successful and fulfilled professional it is important to find an inner compass to guide you in your career choices. Part of (the right) career choice is looking at who you truly are, what you want to achieve and also where you excel. In many ways we carry all the answers to these questions inside of us. Making them float to the top of our conscious and realising them is however the most rewarding step you can take in your life. In this process I help you in geting these answers to the surface.

How do I know if Career Coaching is for me?

I think the most important thing to ask is this: how is your job and career working out for you? Your skills, talents, passion and motivation have brought you to where you are today but are you fulfilled now. If you feel fulfilled that’s great, but if something is nagging in the back of your mind then it can be good to work with an experienced career coach .

I have worked in business in Brussels for over 21 years with people that are at the beginning the middle and the end of their careers. Next to guidance and advice I seek to work with you on what really makes you tick in life, open up new ways of thinking, new ideas.

Focus of career coaching