Burnout coaching

A burnout is a gradual process. Everybody fears it but we do not wake up one day and have one. There are warning signs that you are on the way.

If you are heading towards a burnout you are most likely experiencing some of the following symptoms:

Why you should take action

The exhaustion you will experience gradually builds up as stress hormones keep flooding your body. This circle of physical and mental exhaustion builds up to a point where the body will shutdown. Once that point is reached you actually ‘have a burnout’. A physical and mental recovery from burnout is hard and can take up to 3 years. That’s why preventing it and noticing the signals your body is sending you is of vital importance.

How do I know if Burnout Coaching is for me?

If you have been struggling with your feelings about work, work-life balance and your energy levels then raise the issue with your doctor and rule out any medical causes for your symptoms. Then find yourself a good coach or counselor to assess where you stand and how you can change your situation.

How can I help you in preventing burnout?

I am a trained psychological counselor, a career coach and holistic health counselor. My career in business has made me observe employee burnout firsthand; in my private practice I work with people to prevent burnout or to recover from burnout.

What do we explore in burnout prevention coaching?