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In 1994 I went to Brussels with the ambition of a young man who wants to make it in “the real world”, after having obtained my Master degree in European Studies from the University of Amsterdam.

I started working as a trainee in the European Commission, I then worked in the corporate world for some years before taking up consultancy and working as a lobbyist in Brussels and Strasbourg. Although interesting, it did not make me tick and I tried something else, communication consultancy. This was more my thing. I worked in 3 global PR and Communication Strategy where in two of them I eventually headed the department of Digital Communications as a director.

I really wanted to study psychology however and I found a great program in counseling psychology together with coaching in the Netherlands. For 4 years I was travelling back and forth between Brussels and Holland, combining part time consultancy with studying. I enjoyed it tremendously but ironically had a near burnout by the end of it. and once I had the diplomas I wanted to set up my practice. Unfortunately I got a cervical hernia and it took me two years to recover from it.

My qualifications

Next to a Masters in European Studies from the University of Amsterdam, I have a diploma as Master Coach and Master Counselor from the University of Applied Sciences in Driebergen-Zeist the Netherlands.