Presenting & Public Speaking with passion and confidence

A unique PRACTICAL course in Brussels where Business meets the arts to help you start seeing public speaking and presenting as something that's part of you and that you can actually enjoy. We are not joking in this case!


If you live and work as an expat in Brussels chances are you will have to speak in front of an audience sooner or later. Whether you have to pitch a consulting proposal, present a case study, or present yourself to a future employer or in a performance review, you want to make sure that you are well prepared in the art of presenting. The good news is that confident and persuasive public speaking is a learned skill.



PUBLIC SPEAKINGshutterstock_368997620 In this course your trainers will combine 20 years of business and presentation experience with 20 years of theatre performance and storytelling. You will learn how to both craft your words and your onstage performance to make a lasting impact on your audience. Our training session includes hands-on learning activities that include video recorded presentations and feedback in a constructive environment.


Skills you will learn and practice


Paul Schuchhard

shapeimage_2Paul has over 21 years of experience in business and has literally prepared and delivered 100s of presentations to fortune 500 companies whilst working in 3 global communications agencies. He holds a masters in applied psychology and coaching, and a degree in European Studies.





Lennard Louisy

LLLennard brings over 20 years of experience in theatrical performance and stress management. He empowers individuals with greater autonomy, self-confidence and motivation. He is a certified kinesiologist and specialises in psychosocial awareness and musculoskeletal well-being.