Psychological Counseling

Counseling is different from coaching. In coaching the focus is to move you closer to specific life goals, career choices or business goals. In Counseling we discuss personal themes in your life at a deeper level. The focus can be on unblocking you when you get stuck in life or look at themes like spirituality and purpose.

What is psychological counseling?

Counseling-v1Life can be like a roller coaster and we human beings are emotional creatures. In different moments of our lives, emotions can make us happy, block us, overwhelm us and most of all surprise us. Sad, mad, angry, happy…. It’s all normal. But when the negative emotions take the upper hand it’s important not to let them live a life of their own for all too long.

Counseling psychology is a type of applied psychology aimed at helping you gain (back) control of your feelings. Counseling psychology is one of the most common and widespread psychological specialties.

When do people come into counseling?

People come into counseling for a variety of reasons, here are a few: