Personal Fitness coaching

Picture1Do you want to get fit again, or get more fit? Our bodies need movement to stay fit and healthy. Fit means a healthy heart, a healthy weight, sustainable energy levels. If you are looking for integrative personal training (looking at the whole person, your physical history, your goals and your mindset) then give me a call.

What type of fitness training should you be looking for?

First of all, you should find a type of training that you like. There is no point in working out in a way that you do not like. We all need to work out to remain fit but we need to look at your goals to assess what’s most fun and what’s best for you. My clients have very different profiles. Some want to have a healthier lifestyle, others want to get in shape or get stronger for a specific sport; I also work with people that were sent to me by their GP because they need to move more for medical reasons, such as high cholesterol or blood pressure levels. In age categories my clients vary from 30 to 65 at the moment.

What types of fitness training do I offer?

Where can the training take place