Nutrition at work

Every day we eat, and we try to make informed decisions. Taking care of our health through food is probably one of the most important things we can do. But there are many pitfalls. The knowledge from this masterclass can be an eye opener for how you create your food choices, and it's a lot of fun at the same time.


By basing your food choices on nutritional knowledge you can achieve up to 70% better results in optimizing your energy levels and immune system. This master class aims to get you to a medium advanced level of understanding nutrition. We focus on how food can create or zap energy, how nutrition predicts future quality of life. Through real life food experiments we visualize how every day food can make the body well or sick. Participants at the end of this master class will be able to self-analyse their current food intake for deficiencies in essential nutrients.

Indicative programme

Nutrition -or the lack of it- is a major cause of lifestyle related long-term disease. Lack of nutrients taxes the hormonal balance of the body and is a great source of stress for the organism. It prevents the body to effectively cope with stress.


The interplay of nutrients at different levels (calories, types of fat, carbohydrates, and proteins) together with co-factors such as enzymes, vitamins and minerals influences how energized or depleted we feel in the short term and is a powerful predictor of our chances to age with good quality of life. This master class raises awareness of participants’ daily food choices, their impact on energy levels and the prevention of future illness. It also provides the knowledge to engage in planning balanced meals and provides shortcuts to cooking quick healthy meals at low cost.