Staying Healthy & Healthy Ageing

What is health. Difficult to define isn't it? And it is even harder to keep it. Staying healthy is for an important part within our control. In this course you learn how to be a corporate athlete and have a functional body at 85. It's an interactive workshop style course that has both mind, body and thought exercises


Our bodies need movement to stay functional; more movement means better brain performance, more energy and less illness. In short: you may not need to run a marathon if you have an office job, but a fit body performs better at work, has a stronger immune system and will suffer less age related diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis or even alzheimer’s. The objective of this course is to provide people insight into prevention strategies by explaining the key elements where our behaviour can play a role to slow down the ageing process. We do this by raising awareness of what exactly you need to do and why you should develop a personal healthy ageing strategy.


Using a psychological model based on 5 human dimensions (the spiritual, the physical, the intellectual, the relational and the emotional dimension), participants learn that stress from the different dimensions is cumulative and that stress management both needs a plan AND ad hoc management. Our step-by-step methodology involves setting goals in each of the 5 dimensions based on the values and belief system of the participants and teaching ‘instant’ techniques to lower stress during the day.
Indicative program

Most of us know that we need to be more active, but not all of us do it. In this programme we explore what each of the individual participants could do to improve quality years to their life by looking at wellness in a fitness context.


2 hours

Maximum number of participants

20 per session