Burnout Prevention Training Course

Feel the burn but don’t get burned: building burnout resilience... How to play tricks on the mind and minimize the impact of stress

Objectives of this training course

On average, 1 in 8 workers burn out from not being able to cope with stress or from being bored in their current position. The objective of this course is to provide participants with the important ground knowledge about “good” and “bad” stress, resilience, core values, life goals and purpose as well as hands-on stress reduction techniques to make stress a friend that propels you forward.

Becoming resilient to stress is an every day challenge. The trainers of this course on daily basis deal with people that are in the danger zone of becoming burnout, or that have become burnout and need to recover. From their experience in private practice they work hands-on with the group to discover:


Using a psychological model based on 5 human dimensions (the spiritual, the physical, the intellectual, the relational and the emotional dimension), participants learn that stress from the different dimensions is cumulative and that stress management both needs a plan AND ad hoc management. Our step-by-step methodology involves setting goals in each of the 5 dimensions based on the values and belief system of the participants and teaching ‘instant’ techniques to lower stress during the day.