Personal Development Checklist 2016

February 26th, 2018   •   no comments   

Personal development is such a wide topic that I often get asked how you could measure ‘levels of development’.

I don’t think you can actually measure it but I do believe you can ask yourself some questions to start the process of seeing if you are happy with your personal development. Personal development is learning by doing. Here’s a start of a ‘checklist’ that I will update over time (updated version March 2018).

  1. Work-life balance is an out of date concept, you have one life and if work is a continuous struggle then you need to re-strategize
  2. If you do not invest time in your body you will get sick and you will have to invest time anyway to recover on sick-leave
  3. What is your personal leadership vision and style? We all need to lead ourselves in the first place. Looking at others for leadership will often lead you where the leader wants you to be. It is important to find out how to become your own leader because it will lead you to where YOU want to be. To learn what to ignore and what to nourish you can create an incredible effect on your effectiveness and your influence on your own life course.
  4. Curiosity only kills cats, in human life it’s the best source of inspiration you will ever find.
  5. What are your core-patterns? In other words are you conscious of the patterns in your behaviour and the effects that they have on yourself and on others?
  6. Do you feel at ease within yourself, can you accept your good and bad sides? If you manage to look at yourself in a non-judgemental fashion with a sense of humor you are closing in on that acceptance.


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