Hello, my name is Paul,

I work as a coach in Brussels since 2008 (About me).

This year, I have been in Brussels 25 years, with a business career behind me that includes in-house communications for a large multinational, lobbying and public affairs, and two directorships in large global communication agencies heading the digital strategy division. I coach people since 2010 and have worked with over 100 clients to date.

I offer different types of coaching in different areas of life.

  • In Life coaching the focus is exploring your life goals, on finding balance and fulfilment in life.
  • Burnout coaching is specifically geared towards preventing you to burn out. When you feel out of energy all the time and are struggling to recover to handle a new day, you need to take action to prevent it going further.
  • Career coaching specifically focusses on your career  perspectives, career transition, or dealing with the fallout from being let go.
  • Executive coaching is about your personal leadership when leading others. We look at your leadership style and on how you lead yourself.



Video of the Week: The power of FLOW 

Watch the author of the book FLOW talk about how purpose and flow are a must-have for a fulfilled live. A good read as well!

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